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To Love Unselfishly...

Mr. Darcy Faces his Ghosts :

A tale in three parts



Part One: The First Spirit 

Mr. Darcy had too much to drink to begin with. There was no doubt whatsoever about it. The brandy decanter that the butler filled when he had retired to his study was empty as was his snifter. Da…

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Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mrs. Collins Take a Stroll...

...About Buzzing Bees and Busy Bodies  

Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam are on the verge of leaving Rosings Park for London and they call on the parsonage to bid the Hunsford party farewell. To Mr. Darcy's great relief Elizabeth is not there and he takes his leave as soon as propriety allows.…

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Mr Bingley's Dashed Expectations


Sprawled in one of the comfortable leather armchairs of his London club, Charles Bingley absentmindedly stared into the tumbler of brandy he was enjoying, ignoring the idle talk of the other gentlemen boasting of their latest amorous conquests and various other 'sports' in which they excel…

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You do not know what I suffer

`Hill! Oh, Hill! Where are you, Hill? Why are you never there when I need you? Bring my tea now. Have you no compassion on my poor nerves?' 

After ringing the bell a second time with the last strength she could muster, enforcing the sound of it with her piercing voice, a very low-spirited Mr…

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Elizabeth Faces the Truth

Elizabeth got up early after a sleepless night during which she had tried to compose her thoughts. She felt confused, angry, quite sad and, if she could be truly honest with herself, flattered: being proposed to by such a great man... being loved by him!

Thinking of the future prospects of he…

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Nocturnal torments...

... I shall endeavour to find some opportunity of putting this letter in your hands in the course of morning. I will only add, God bless you.  Fitzwilliam Darcy 

When Mr. Darcy signed his letter to Elizabeth Bennet he was utterly and completely exhausted. His right hand felt numb, his body …

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Pugs and Prejudice...

"But Darcy found himself bewitched by her fine, bulbous eyes..."


Mijn familie en vrienden weten dat ik een Pride and Prejudice junkie ben (weliswaar sinds een aantal jaar ietwat afgekickt, maar toch...) en dat ik mij jarenlang intensief heb beziggehouden met het verslinden en schrijven …

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My Good Qualities Under Your Protection

A Pride and Prejudice fanfiction

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy's wife of but one day, one evening and a very good part of one night, the former Miss Elizabeth Bennet, took a turn about the room, enjoying the quiet atmosphere surrounding her. There were no sounds to be heard but the gentle snoring of her …

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Horizon of Hope

A Pride and Prejudice fanfiction

Mr Darcy’s nausea increased with every step he took into one of London’s numerous slums one desolate afternoon in the late summer of 1812.

The subtly perfumed handkerchief he held in front of his sensitive nose helped but very little against the well ni…

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When So Much Beauty Is Before You

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A Pride and Prejudice fanfiction

Whilst Sir William Lucas, the host of the party, put himself out to impose Elizabeth upon Mr. Darcy, rambling on as he did so about her beauty and desirability as a dance partner, a seemingly bored Mr. Darcy observed the tableau in front of him in complete s…

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